Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd

Founder/Executive Director

Daroneshia was born and raised in Birmingham,AL. In the past 7 years she has brought attention to the trans community in Birmingham for TWOC. She created a peer support group to help TWOC identify and overcome barriers they face in Birmingham. Her life experiences fuel her passion for helping other TWOC.


Nycola Hayes

Client Service Coordinator

Nycola has been a vocal and supportive member of the community. She began her work with TAKE as a part of the PEER Leadership Program. She has been an instrumental in helping organize the community and recruiting trans women of color.


Sharyn Grayson

Senior Business Manager

Sharyn’s many professional business affiliations and alliances are extended across the U.S.  She is a renowned public speaker, trainer/facilitator, program developer, nonprofit business consultant, grant writer, Transgender advocate, and highly respected ‘elder’ leader within the national T-LGBQI neighborhood and healthcare community sectors.