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Here you will find all Trans related news

New Biden Executive Order Includes Focus on Transgender Equity

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Thursday to continue the advancement of racial equity and uplift underserved communities.

Chiraag Bains, the president's deputy assistant for racial justice and equity, said the order demonstrates that Biden is keeping a promise on his first day in office to focus national attention on equity and inclusion. He spoke to reporters on Thursday morning to discuss Biden's new order.

Flipping the Script on Stories of Black Trans Women

It can often feel like joy and optimism went on sabbatical around 2015 and have yet to reappear. Counter that despair with the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, a young organization building community and mobilizing resources for underrepresented artists.

10 must-know facts about Transgender history that you didn’t learn in school

Transgender history isn’t taught in most schools and colleges, but the history of transgender people is vast. That’s because trans people have existed worldwide since the beginning of time, even popping up in ancient religions and cultures.


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