Corey Oden

H.E.L.P. Program Coordinator

Corey is a native of Birmingham and a lifelong advocate for the advancement, equity, and lifelong successful journey for TPOC communities. Over the years Corey has worked alongside several organizations in the greater Birmingham area, and recently he harnessed his love, passion, and support for TPOC communities and joined the T.A.KE. Resource Center staff.


Guelivia Pharris

Facilities Support Specialist

A native of Birmingham. Over the years Guelivia has been a big supporter of TPOC. Her love, passion, and support for TPOC communities led her to joining the T.A.KE. Resource Center staff.


Tykira Spruill

H.E.L.P. Peer/Outreach Specialist

Originally from Virginia, Tykira moved to Birmingham ready to do the work! "Being at T.A.K.E. isn't just a job it's my heart. I love working with the trans community."


Wytesha Lawrence

Facilities Support 

Wytesha has been a comrade of the LGBTQ community for over 17 years. She has spent the last 20 years helping people in the community doing medical work on all levels. As the Facilities Support Specialists she's dedicated to improving the quality of life for LGBTQ making sure the center is safe for our clients day to day.


Logan Boyd

Communication Support/Trans Masculine Support

Logan is a native of North Little Rock, Arkansas who later relocated to Birmingham in 2017. He later joined the team at TAKE as the Communication Specialist. Logan is founder/facilitator of the first Black trans-masculine support group in Birmingham. (Black Knightz).

IMG_7158 (1).JPG

CarReisha Headen

Prevention Education Empowerment Ambassador

CarReisha is a native of Talladega, Alabama. She began as a client at T.A.K.E Resource Center 4 years ago since then she has completed the youth mentor-ship program. Currently, 1/2 of P.E.E.A. Squad.