Sharyn Grayson

Senior Business Manager

Sharyn’s many professional business affiliations and alliances are extended across the U.S.  She is a renowned public speaker, trainer/facilitator, program developer, nonprofit business consultant, grant writer, Transgender advocate, and highly respected ‘elder’ leader within the national T-LGBQI neighborhood and healthcare community sectors.


Corey Oden

Communication Support Specialist

Corey is a native of Birmingham and a lifelong advocate for the advancement, equity, and lifelong successful journey for TPOC communities. Over the years Corey has worked alongside several organizations in the greater Birmingham area, and recently he harnessed his love, passion, and support for TPOC communities and joined the T.A.KE. Resource Center staff.


Tony Haute Sinclair

Healthy Educational Living Prevention (H.E.L.P) Program Coordinator

Tony has been a proud and active member of the LGBTQ+ community since the age of 8 years old. Tony presents himself as a pillar of the community through his activism and philanthropy. This is one reason why Tony accepts all pronouns because Tony respects and loves them all. Tony loves everything about LGBTQ+ culture and upholds our history which continues to provide the next generation with a better way of existing.

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