The organization started out as a peer support group for trans women of color (TWOC) to come together and share their narratives. As a result, TAKE soon discovered that the organization needed to be more than a support group. There was organizing that needed to be done to break down barriers and to set standards within the Birmingham community for trans-related issues. The group began to focus on issues such as discrimination in the workplace, housing advocacy, support for sex workers, providing trans-friendly services, and working to alleviate the many other barriers that TWOC face that no one else was talking about.

Our Staff

Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd

Founder/ Executive Director

Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd is African American trans woman born and raised in Birmingham ,Alabama. Daroneshia has experienced sexual assault, sex work, workplace and housing discrimination, and substance abuse.  In the past four years she has brought attention to the transgender population in Birmingham, especially trans women of color.  She created a peer support group which meets twice a month to help trans women of color identify and overcome barriers that they face here in Birmingham.  In addition to her personally identifying as a trans woman of color, she is very knowledgeable about LGBTQIA issues and has a lot of experience dealing with the discrimination and oppression that members of her community face in day to day life.  Her life experiences fuel her passion for helping other trans women of color.  

Nycola Hayes

Client Service Coordnator

Nickola has been a vocal and supportive member of the community.  She began her work with TAKE as a part of the PEER Leadership program.  She has been instrumental in helping organize the community and recruiting trans women of color.

Toi T. Washington

Director of Programs

Toi Washington is an African American Transgender Woman and a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she is a Katrina survivor. Toi is a licensed life coach. Toi has a passion for community engagement and public speaking, she has been a part of several panels, conversations, radio interviews, and podcast. She is a dynamic trans- advocate and speaker. Toi sits on various boards and panels in Atlanta. In her daily life Toi is the Director of Programs at T.A.K.E. Resource Center in Birmingham, Alabama, her calling has put her directly in contact with diverse clients and service providers across the spectrum on a regular basis. Toi regularly liaise with community stakeholders through community outreach. In doing this work, she has cemented her commitment to equal access, social justice, and a holistic harm reductive approach to help the TWOC community navigate and live successful lives. She has had the privilege to help organize and facilitate many Conferences and workshops to address the social, political, and economic issues that impact Trans-women of Color. As a Self-directed trans-community advocate, team player, speaker, and innovative thinker, she has a knack for developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Wytesha Lawrence

Facilities Support Specialists

Wytesha has been a comrade of the LGBTQ+  community for over 17 years. She has also spent the last 20 years helping people in the community doing medical work on all levels. She is now working as the Facilities Support Specialists for the ladies at TAKE Resource Center. She's dedicated to improving the quality of life for LGBTQ+ making sure the center is safe for our clients day to day.

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